Monday, October 5, 2009

Miller's Cafe

I feel like I have a confession to make before I write this review. Going into this burger quest, I already had 2 heavy favorites. Shuttle Burger and Miller's Cafe, both places that we didn't go to right away because I wanted to cleanse my palate before going back to my old favorites. Miller's Cafe has a lot of sentimental value for me. They used to have a location in Alief that I used to go to with my grandparents when I was a kid with dreams of tacking a belt-busting double burger.

Now Miller's has three locations that I know of and a fourth that I can't confirm. One is in the Medical Center in Scurlock Tower, one is on Shephard just north of 610, one on Bay Area Blvd way down in League City and there is apparently a fourth in downtown, I'm thinking it may be in the tunnel. The Miller's I usually go to these days is the one on Shephard, and I often end up at the one in the Med Center when I land some work out there, but this review takes place at the one way out in League City.

Nick and I were part of a massive operation on Saturday and Sunday. Clear Creek ISD had a computer virus issue and we both shipped out to go be a part of the solution. Lunchtime came on Saturday and I immediately perked up stating that this was our opportunity to hit up Miller's. We dragged about twenty people into the little burger joint and went to work on getting some cheeseburger goodness.

Miller's is a tried and true burger joint. The menu is hamburger, cheeseburger, mushroom burger, bacon buger, jalepeno burger, chili burger, combinations of the former burgers, doubled up versions of the former burgers and a select few items like chicken sandwiches and a philly cheesesteak. There's a blurry picture on the bottom if you are curious. I ordered up a mushroom swiss burger and Nick brought all guns to bear on a double bacon cheeseburger. I have no idea what Nick drank, but mine was going down the esophageal waterslide with some Diet Pepsi.

Their burgers are massive. You really don't need to bother ordering fries. Even the single patty burger pushes a solid half pound brick of meat with very generous amounts of toppings that are obviously just dropped on by the handful with their standard spread of the popular mustard/mayo combination.

That first bite? It's throws you off a little. It's really good, but the flavor is pretty unique. I have a hard time even coming up with adjectives to describe the flavor that is somehow imparted into the meat outside of generic words like scrumptious. Then you take a second bite and realize that it's for real. It becomes immediately obvious that you just bit into a burger that isn't just a handful of plain or lightly seasoned meat, this stuff is greased up with a fantastic rub, dropped on a hot griddle that sears all of the juices into it and wrapped in the only thing that can contain it... a fresh baked bun that absorbs all the greasy goodness like a sponge and then 2 pieces of butcher paper to ensure that all of it is contained..

They serve up some above average french fries, nothing you'll write home about, but nothing that will dissapoint you. I haven't ever tried the onion rings, and it was Nick's first venture into a Millers and he also downed the fries.

So the ranking? Hell yes it's the best burger so far. We do agree that it only barely edges out the Backyard Grill, which was back on top for a few mere days now that Goodson's has let us down twice in a row after our one amazing experience, leading us to decide that justice must prevail and to dethrone our champion.

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