Monday, August 6, 2012


You know what this website is about? Burgers. In Houston. Let's talk about one. On an afternoon where Open the Taps was celebrating its one year anniversary at The Petrol Station and, mercilessly, City Acre Brewing was hosting a beer-soaked shindig that night, we needed some grub to break up the monsoon of adult beverages that were being thrown around. Right up the road from The Petrol Station? An old-school burger joint that has a little fame as one of Houston's great burger hideouts: Roznovsky's Hamburgers.

What are you looking at? That'd be the standard cheeseburger with bacon and peppers thrown on it. It's on a griddle-toasted bun and comes with your standard loadout of pickle, onion, lettuce, tomato with a spread of mustard and mayonnaise. I ordered that with a serving of their seasoned fries and a Diet Coke while the Jedi I happened to be rolling with ordered a burger too with a fancy side dish of his own. Nacho Cheese Doritos!

So let's talk about the burgers. To start, this is more of a fast-food portion than a big restaurant burger. Very, very close to the portion they serve up at Whataburger. It's a 1/4 lb patty that is stretched thin but leaves it with lots of surface area to just pound with toppings, and when it comes to toppings, Roznovsky's goes loud. It was PILED with fresh veggies. Possibly another 1/4 lb worth. The cook must use a pitchfork to shovel those veggies on it quickly because it gets served up in about 7 minutes flat. Very fast.

The grease factor does exist, although it isn't anything really impressive. You'll have splotches on your wax paper but you won't have to worry about it getting on you. I would recommend that anyone who comes here with an appetite get the double burger or at least add bacon. The bacon is thick and walks that fine line between crispy and chewy perfectly, plus the saltiness of it throws some great contrast into the mountain of vegetables that you'll be getting your fiber from.

The sides, of which all we actually tasted were the seasoned fries and some Doritos, were all standard fare. They were frozen, but they were fried to a nice crisp and went down great swimming in ketchup. The other sides that I saw come out of the kitchen appeared to be the same way. All looked appetizing but I didn't see anything amazing to report back.

It's not the biggest, baddest, finest sandwich you can get your hands on, but the sum of it's parts makes it a tasty little burger. I like Roznovsky's. It doesn't stack up really well against everything else on the list of places that we've reviewed so far but to tell you that it is anything but good would be a lie. Want to try something different? You can't go wrong stopping in here. You can even play a little old school Cruisin' USA while you're there.