Friday, July 10, 2009

The Rules

We're going to lay a few ground rules for how this beefy journey is going to work. These rules can, and probably will, be changed at any time, but only if an agreement is struck that is unanimous.

All burgers must be downed with either a Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Pepsi or Diet Pepsi. Mr. Pibb and Dr. Pepper fans will have to look away, as they might be too special for this blog.

Beer is an option as long as it is a brew from Texas. This includes delicious offerings from Shiner, the under-appreciated Lone Star and, if available, Houston's own Saint Arnold. We prefer to pair our burgers with a pale lager, such as Lone Star, a bock, such as Shiner Bock or Saint Arnold Spring Bock, or with a weizen, such as Saint Arnold Texas Wheat or Shiner Hefeweizen. If we run into a unique beer option that intrigues us, we only choose to pursue it unanimously or not at all.

Side order:
French fries. Nothing else. Although exceptions will be made for any restaurant that might still have freedom fries. Onion Rings can be ordered if the restaurant makes any fantastic claims about their rings.

Burger rules are very simple. We will order a burger how we like it at every place we go. Some may wonder why we don't always get the burger exactly as a restaurant prepares it. The reason for that is that we have to have a control group. Some restaurants may use the mayo/mustard combination as a crutch. Some restaurants may be build your own burger. This leaves the only real option to order it how we like it at every place we visit.

Burgers shall not be cooked to anything greater than medium-well. If they do not ask how we want the burgers prepared, we will accept them as they come and then complain a lot afterward on this blog if it is well done.

We are going to attempt to do a burger once a week. They may be more often, but no less than once a week.

Any friends that tag along will possibly have their opinion published, but their thoughts will not tally into any rankings.

Points can be awarded based on hotness of waitress.

These are your ground rules. Prepare for a burgasm.

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